A Way To Live

I remember someone once said, “Today expectations are reducing the joy of life”. I thought about it for a while but couldn’t reason out much.  Somehow over a period of time I have realized the depth of his comment on the present status of life. Some people are annoyed because they expected a better outcome from their past.  While some are afraid about whether they will ever get what they want from their future.  True it’s the expectation which is driving people insane but I don’t really think it’s the root cause.  What everyone forgets is the fact that time doesn’t come back and nor does it show you your future.  Keeping expectations is not wrong.  The mistake is people forget to stay in the present. Making your present better will automatically put your future in your favor. This future would then become your past later on which you will be happy to cherish.  It’s also true, expectations hurt very much when they betray us but as long as we don’t dwell on it it’s all good.  So staying in the present without thinking much about our past or future is the best way to live. Happiness will not be far away then.


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