Sense Or No Sense

I had once read in a magazine, “Driving in India is not about skills it’s about reflexes”. I realized how true it was when I actually started driving a year ago. What I was able to conclude after a few weeks was the fact that no one is much bothered about the traffic norms that are usually tested for in a driving test.   Everyone is just busy in their own world and they just don’t give a damn about what happens to the ones driving alongside them. They are all preoccupied on their mobiles or mp3 players. No wonder why accidents become so brutal at times. In all this the two-wheelers become the most vulnerable to such mishaps. Wearing helmets is the pre-requisite but unfortunately not many drivers recognize this. It’s not just the rider but the pillion rider as well who needs the protection. With the accidents  increasing at an alarming rate I make sure that my brother wears a helmet too whenever he is sitting at the back. We don’t worry about the people laughing at us because we know it’s for our own safety. Besides that I think it should also send a message across to everyone about how precious our lives are and so we should do whatever we can to care for them. 


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