I am not sure whether such a word exists in the dictionary. It’s because it’s my creation. The word sounds like apocalypse which in a lay man’s language means a disaster. Yes the word emocalypse has come from emotional apocalypse. We never associate apocalypse with our humane feelings, it’s always been linked to a larger scale. So I felt emocalypse will fill the void. Tell me is a loss of a loved one anything short than an apocalypse? I don’t think so. The pandemonium that starts in our heart, we can’t define it. At that instant we don’t feel anything. It’s as if the world we lived in has come to an end. It is an emotional disaster. Those moments when we realize we will never see him or her ever again give us nightmares which haunt us even in the broad daylight.  Tears flow endlessly. In ancient Greek apocalypse used to mean unveil or disclosure of something hidden.  True then, the deepest emotions in our heart regarding our loved ones get unveiled, emotions which we didn’t even know they ever existed.  The sweet memories which we try to recollect become just mere fragments of our past. Yet after all this life moves on and forces us to move on as well. You feel it’s a new  life. In the Revelation of John , the last book of the New Testament, the revelation which John receives is the beginning of the new age where good rules the evil.  After the emocalypse ends, it is then we finally realize the true value of our loved ones.  Somewhere in our mind we take a vow to never take the relationships for granted. That is in some sense a victory of good over our evil materialistic mindset. 


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