Thank You God :)

How many of us are really satisfied with our life at the moment? Or content with whatever we have? I guess it won’t be even ten percent. The point is our wishes never stop. It’s not a disorder, that’s how we have been ever since we have existed on this planet. In the past they were more out of need I think rather than driven by greediness. Now it seems to be riding on selfishness and greediness too. To be happy and still wanting more is one thing and being unhappy and complaining is another. People who keep crying about how it would be better if they had this and that will never get satisfied. It’s for the simple reason they don’t appreciate what they have at the present. This is something that refers to all of us.  How many times have we actually thanked god for everything he has given us? Think about it. What I mean is we should feel grateful for all those little things that we have been blessed with. If anytime we don’t feel that way then think of all those unfortunate who don’t even have the basic amenities to live. Our own lives will look a hell lot better. I am not saying to check our desires but at times it’s good to have a view of the bigger picture. A change of perception is all we need sometimes.

There is this small prayer I say every morning as soon as I wake up, it makes me feel good. 

          Thank you god for the world so sweet,

         Thank you god for the food we eat,

       Thank you god for the birds that sing,

      Thank you god for everything. 



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