Try substituting your thoughts

I have learned it’s much easier to relate with everyone if I can compromise with my ego and replace my viewpoint with those I interact with.By this I am actually able to understand them and see their opinions in a much better light . Although my decisions shouldn’t get entirely affected by that. But still I think it’s very crucial in our day-to-day life. If we fail to interpret the thoughts and emotions of our family and friends then the picture of our life can get ugly at times. They may not be always in the same frame of mind as us because they all have their own private space of life which we don’t know anything about. So before making any wrong judgements or passing harsh comments about someone we should do a recheck. Sometimes all we need is a change of perception. Even when facing a tough situation if we can change our mindset by looking at the bigger picture, I guess it can make a difference. I mean instead of panicking just consider the worst possible outcomes . Then see is the problem really that tough you thought it to be, most of the times it wouldn’t be so.In the end I feel our perception should be flexible enough to help us live a cheerful life.


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