“Let go…” :)

How often have you felt frustrated of not achieving something ? Or something you tried holding on to but it always slipped away ? Well, I think I do have the solution to it. The idea is to “let go…..” ,it could be anything let go of your emotions, let go of the person who has hurt you or let go of something that doesn’t let you sleep. Anything that starts troubling you too much you have to let go of it. It is only then you are at peace and it is only then you see the light in the darkness.The magical thing about this is that most of the times after you let go you will see it coming back to you It’s just like when you don’t want to lose the sand in your hands you close your palm but what happens is it slips away. If you just keep your palms open the sand just remains there as it is. That’s  exactly what I am talking about. Now there will also be times when it won’t come back. Then forget about it and simply move on. Treat is as your past, don’t let it affect you present or future by any means.  The central idea is that you just can’t let the fear override you. When it does remember to shut it and free yourself of all the negative emotions. I am no spiritual guru. I know whatever I have said above is just an abstract notion of mine but if it helps in getting through the minute ordeals of life then I am happy to share it with you. Take care 🙂






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