Divine Intervention

The old adage, ” Faith is a Virtue ” has a tinge of significance attached to it which unsurprisingly many of us haven’t noticed so far. Yes we have heard of it from our religious heads but when have we paid any heed to them. Since  they appear to be hypocritical and superficial we can hardly blame ourselves for being so skeptical of their preachings. No offence to anyone though. So…yes the old adage I talked about happens to reveal the path to the DIVINE INTERVENTION. And the fuel needed to reach this path is nothing but the ability to endure.

                                                                        Now what is this “Divine Intervention” ? Please allow me to explain it through another  Harry Potter analogy. In the fifth part, The Order Of Phoenix, after the end of the duel between Voldemort and Dumbledore the former through his part of soul in Harry’s body attempts to control Harry and make him appear evil. Then Dumbledore tells Harry to endure the excruciating pain which Harry does with thoughts of love and friendship. At the end Harry is successful in regaining the control over his soul. This enlightens Harry of the fact that evil can only be fought with feelings of love and togetherness. This is exactly what Divine Intervention is all about. You come out of a period of darkness of life through faith and endurance.

                           Someone who plays any sport at a competitive level or goes to the gym may understand this much better. Remember all the endless crunches, push ups, pull ups and especially lunges that you have done all this time. After certain counts the pain shoots up, you feel inflammation in your muscles but if you manage to endure that and move on the pain apparently numbs the muscles which helps you to finish the set. The feeling which then follows is Divine Intervention. Here the faith in knowing the fact that whatever you are doing is going to strengthen you helps to endure the pain.        

                                Thousands of years back our religious heads started out preaching the need for sanctity of thoughts, sacrifice and abstinence of materialistic realms of this world which ultimately would lead to the Divine Intervention. Unfortunately through the passage of time their minds became corrupt and so did their teachings. Divine Intervention is nothing but the highest form of wisdom, the End  that appears to us after we have withered away the storm of sufferings. It is only then we would truly appreciate and respect the existence of such wisdom.  But of course there is always another world to live in where we don’t have to suffer if we don’t wish to seek the end. What sort of life would that be ? It can’t be the kind of which we are living now because here everyday someone or the other suffers from something. But then do we reach the End ? The bigger question is are we prepared to endure the ordeals ? And the biggest question is if we are not prepared and we do not seek what we should be then WHAT ARE WE SUFFERING FOR ?

                                       The whole point of going through everything is to reach the end and complete the circle of life.I think it’s time for some serious introspection and then decide which way we would be happy to die, with the End or without it.



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