“Three times it falls…”

Remember our Indiana Jones ? In the Kingdom of Crystal Skull ? Fifteen minutes back I was riding my scooter against a cool breeze and all of a sudden two things came to my mind,our Indian Cricket Team and our dear Henry Jones (junior). The dismal performance of the team in England will not be a cause of such concern if one can truly understand how river flows. In the movie, when Jones and his allies escape with the skull into the Amazon and fall into the river in a duck boat, Oxley mutters “Three times it falls..”. It is after the first fall that Henry realises the river has three waterfalls but it is too late by then and they can’t do anything except to fall two more times. The fact is they couldn’t have possibly gone against the flow, no one can. Our Indian Team finds itself in a similar river where after losing the third test they  are just moving with the flow of losing.  So..it is not hard to guess now they will apparently also lose the fifth test because as Oxley had said “Three times it falls..”. The cause of concern is that it is not the first time the team has fallen into such a river. Imagine if Henry Jones had fallen into the same river for the second time do you think he would have waited to fall again three times, no ! . I can think of only one solution for our team, show some indifference to them. You see even if the team is losing the media still puts them in the limelight which is something the players are adapted to. It doesn’t matter then whether you criticise or mock them in that limelight. For once please ignore them, don’t take their interviews, don’t click their photographs and don’t comment even a word on their game. This is something they are not used to and this is something which will hit them hard. They will feel the real sting of losing. But is anyone listening to me ? Never mind, I will go on with my work and you with yours and the Indian team with theirs. Happy ending ???




5 thoughts on ““Three times it falls…”

  1. Well said. Ignoring them will better than highlighting their failure. But how sports page and sports time in TV channels will be filled up. Again, if you talk about England, Indian teams will also be talked about too. Difficult job.

  2. Indian Won the ODI series then.. Actually we have never been winning in England. in 2009 too, we had a miserable fate in England.. But still we always love our Indian team; they can defeat anyone on their day

    1. Yes we won the ODI series but we still ended up showing plenty of loopholes. The reason why we don’t we in England is simply because we don’t care about it. The tour happens every four years so in those four years the team win enough times to overshadow their past performances. I am afraid despite all the hasty changes the Board has made our test failures may still continue to happen the same way. We will be playing in Australia later on and I guess it’s gonna be much worse than what happened in England.

  3. We don’t have quality bowling and fielding.. No matter how many matches we won, always our Batting came to the rescue. Unless we improve other things, there will always be uncertainty

    1. You’re right and when our batsmen fail there is no hope of winning. What disappoints most is the fact that everyone is well aware of it and still we don’t see any significant improvement. We do have good fast bowlers but they soon wear out because we don’t pay much heed to them. In India because the pitches are batsmen friendly bowlers never get a fair chance to grow. It’s not surprising then they feel like alien bowling outside India.

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