Look around you !

Do you feel lack of inspiration ? Well, just look around you. Do you see autumn changing into spring ? Do you see Sun’s cheerful radiance gazing at you everyday ? Do you see Moon’s serene calmness at midnight ? To be on the humane side, do you see your mother making breakfast for you every morning even if she is ill ? Do you see you father standing up to face every adversary that comes across ? Do you see the handicapped people or the underprivileged  in your college who come to study everyday ? There is never a shortage of things or people who can inspire us every single day of our life.

Little did I know that this morning while gymming I will get my much-needed dose of inspiration. There is this woman, more than 65 years old, who comes everyday at six and leaves at seven. But during this one hour she walks on treadmill for half an hour after which she does the pull ups, rowing and the dumbbells as well !  The way she does all that can make any man look inferior to her. So there I was, cycling on the machine and wondering that at her age what motivates her to exercise like that. I didn’t ask her, one day I will. But even without conversing with her she had managed to give me two things. She inspired me by displaying one of the golden rules of life, the condition of our body depends solely on us and so it is our responsibility to not abuse it but rather take care of it with much diligence. With this she also gave me something to ponder and write about. I had waited for days for something to show up so that I can post something for this month. But neither had I seen anything interesting nor I had come across any campaign or competition.

Did I know that this morning I will get my food for thought in the gym and did I know that the first thing after coming back I would do would be to write my first draft. No I didn’t, all I knew I was I will be posting ‘something’ this month, didn’t know what. That’s the point I am making. It is so crucial to build that unwavering faith where you don’t doubt yourself you believe. You don’t try to see the path you see the end and then every small or big thing will inspire you in a way that will give you a fresh perspective of life to move forward.

Spring, a harbinger of hope, on its arrival shows us life can never be dull and gloomy all the time and so becoming a pessimist in tough times is morbid stupidity. Sun and Moon tell us if we all can look to fulfil our purpose of life then we will never feel inferior to anyone. There will be people who are better than us and there will also be some who are not, our job is to make our own path and start walking on it. Our parents, through their actions, have always taught us the meaning of selfless love and have always shown us that being strong is never about the body but about our character.

One more thing, the sources of inspiration I have indicated here have a short intensity compared to what your dream may give you. So don’t worry if something you see today fails to inspire you tomorrow. You will simply have to open yourself in all directions. While they may not last long but these small sources will help you sustain the monotony of everyday existence.

So look around friends, look around you, there is hardly any dearth of inspiration anywhere.  And to be honest, no one needs a philosophical bend of mind to see all of this. You simply have to, well, in professor Trelawney’s words, “Broaden your minds !”


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