Bio: I don't know, I don't like describing myself. It somehow blocks my mind. It limits my actions. I have tried to write something but I didn't feel right about it. This is probably because I think too much. Yes there is a hint of negative connotation to it. This is precisely why I write and blog as well so I can release my abstract thoughts and be at peace. These thoughts which I write or post are something I would never be able to express directly to anyone. But while writing I certainly can do justice to them. There are no inhibitions or restrictions or insecurities as such. Blogging has given me wings to fly high. I think that's it. I hope all this makes some sense and lets you know something about me. To know more you can always drop in at amns233@gmail.com.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Aman…it’s suman from E 32 Tirth Dham…finally read ur blogs..u write well…carry on with it…hope ur cricket sesssions r going on good.

  2. Hi Aman! Thanks for visiting my space!

    U have pointed it correctly that more than verbalizing words when we write it down, we feel light and comfy! Keep writing, keep flying high!

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