An Everlasting Rain

Rains are one of the most wonderful acts of nature. Apart from all the needs that it fills it has a special charm that is inescapable. It gives us memories that get stamped in our minds forever. Some are worth recollecting giving us a reason to smile while some may bring sorrow too. I have few of mine which I feel like sharing now. The first one is of last year when my scooter’s exhaust pipe got choked with water because it had rained so much that the water level had reached till our knees. We had to drag the scooter all the way to home in the mini flood. Those moments when I and my brother were helping each other to get back home safely were really special. Even after reaching home we could still feel the motion of waves against our legs. My other not so special memory yet important to me is of last week itself. I wake up in the morning finding out that it’s raining which didn’t stop until midnight. I had to miss my lectures and I was enjoying every moment of it. I spent my time reading Lord of the Rings and also wondering that why the rains are still on, to me it looked bit strange. I got my answer in the evening when my mum called me. My grandmother who was suffering from cancer had passed away in the afternoon. I couldn’t cry much then because gods were already lamenting my pain through his endless rain.


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